The Hubble Deep Field Is One Of The Most Extraordinary Photographs Ever Taken

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Just how big is our planet Earth compared to other planets and stars? You will be amazed with the facts presented in this video.

The sun, the nearest star to Earth, is over a million times the volume of the Earth. There are however other stars in our galaxy that are much larger than the sun, which is just a tiny dot among several hundred billion stars forming our galaxy, Milky Way. And there are a hundred billion galaxies out there, according to the video.

One of the largest known stars identified by astronomers is the VY Canis Majoris or the Red Hypergiant, which is located in the constellation Canis Major. With a radius of approximately 1,420 solar radii or 990 million kilometers, VY Canis Majoris’ surface would extend beyond the orbit of Jupiter if placed at the center of the Solar System.

French astronomer Jérôme Lalande is credited as the discoverer of the VY Canis Majoris, which has been described as a crimson star since 1847. Our sun is just a tiny speck when placed next to the red hyper giant VY Canis Majoris. The crimson star is so large that the Earth will look invisible alongside the VY Canis Majoris.

The title of the largest star in the Universe belongs to UY Scuti, which has an estimated average median radius of 1,708 solar radii or 2.5 billion kilometers. Located in the constellation Scutum, the red supergiant is a pulsating variable star which refers to a star that changes brightness.

According to astronomers, the universe is approximately 13.8 billion years old. They used the connection between distance and the speed of light to look back in time to the moments after the Big Bang, which is science’s answer to the Bible’s creation theory. The Big Bang Theory proposes that the Universe started from a small singularity, then inflates over the next 13.8 billion years to the cosmos that science knows today.

Every celestial body in the universe is formed from the clouds of molecular hydrogen and helium left over from Big Bang. The formation of stars and planets is linked to a process governed by an imbalance between pressure and gravity. According to researchers, the solar system contains both large and small objects to help the universe to relieve the tension caused by gravitation forces.

One of those researchers is Professor Adrian Bejan, a thermodynamics researcher at Duke University, who explored why planets, stars, and other bodies come into all shapes and sizes. He published a research in the “Journal of Applied Physics” on February 2, 2016 that investigated into the physics of the hierarchy of bodies in space. Bejan’s work focuses on the principle of Constructal law, which states the possibility of too much tension between lots of similarly-sized objects due to gravitational attraction. The constructal law also explains that there is a reduced tension between a few large bodies and a greater number of smaller ones.

The Hubble Deep Field Is One Of The Most Extraordinary Photographs Ever Taken
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